The goal of Christian Coalition of Bexar County is to bring our nation back under God. We just present the answers the candidates give to the voters and we may give some background information that is found in the process. If a candidate does not answer the questions, we assume the candidate stands on their party's platform unless we find some different background information.

The MAIN PURPOSE of Christian Coalition of Bexar County is to bring America back under God through 5 vehicles:

  1. Raising up Godly Laws and Leaders and exposing where candidates stand on moral issues (Voter Registration and Guides, have training classes concerning moral issues, training up Christians to perform their Civic Duties before God or how to run as a candidate, having a church liaison to update the church on what is going on in government and finally, how to have a voice with Elected Officials) (Hosea 4:6) (Exodus 18: 21) (Proverbs 29:2)
  2. Strengthening Churches
  3. Strengthening Families
  4. Bringing our Public Schools back under God.
  5. Activities to encourage America to support Israel.(Gen 12:3)

These five areas will bring America back under great Prosperity in our soul, lives and country. (Psalm 33:12)

To Make a Donation: Christian Coalition of Bexar County c/o Nancy Goettman. Mail to: 9605 US Hwy 90 West #67, San Antonio, Texas 78245.